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Monday, July 5, 2010

Artist Feature - Liz Seibold

Guilded Lilies Doll Club
Member - Liz Seibold

When I first returned to Ohio in 1980's I worked mainly by myself. One of the avenues I was working toward was creating figurative art from fabric. By 1998 I found a newly formed doll club called The Guilded Lilies. One of the founding members was Liz Seibold.
This picture is of her and the Guilded Lilies with their charity dolls in 2007. Every year the group makes Dolls for charity, and every year Liz paints the faces on the dolls for those that are too shy to paint the faces on their own dolls.
Liz is a fabulous artist. Her first love is painting and more often than not she merges her painting skills with her creations of art dolls. Most recently I have been taking lessons from her. Painting on cloth is just not as easy as it looks. Here is some of her work.

Jumping Jack

This is a perfect example of the way Liz brings her first love of painting into her art dolls. Jumping Jack is based on the old time Jump'n Jacks that would dance when you pulled the strings. This too dances. The body is made from solid white fabric and each body part is painted. That is right completely painted, with the exception of the hands and head. Liz of course made and painted the stand, so that Jumping Jack could be displayed properly.

Liz loves whimsical animals. Her color pallet is usually in pastels but she does not shy away from bright colors if the project calls for it. Creating something simply for the fun of it is more or less her motto. She does not think you always need to be so serious when working. Do your best yes but have fun doing it. You can tell she has fun just by looking at her work. This cat is a sure fired example of just how much fun she has in her sewing room.

Games & More Games

A challenge dolls "The Object of My Obsession" The idea of this challenge was that Art dolls was your obsession and the object in this art piece is GAMES. Liz has made the skirt from playing cards and has integrated, jacks, domino's, Slinky's, crazy balls, checkers, scrabble, puzzle pieces and a few dozen other games. You can look at the Art doll named "Games" and be amazed in all the different ways the game parts were used and applied. Who would have thought that your old board games could be used in so many different ways.

Liz creations often are a mixture of techniques. In this Art doll she has added beading, quilting arts, painting and doll making. The skirt was made by layering fabric, quilting batting and fabric. Creating a thick padded skirt in several different pastel colors they were then beaded at the base of each skirt. The base of the stand is painted.

She can design her own work but that does not stop her from taking classes. This is a creation from a Jo Ann Trilling class. It was an open class and all the students created there own animal She loves to learn new techniques and then puts her own spin on them. I think you will agree her work is totally awesome.


  1. Like Cyndy, I made dolls alone in my room forever! I started when I was about 12, making bears, and then moved on to dolls in my early teens. I was obsessed with them, but never knew anyone else who made them until I found an early internet doll club, which led me to attend We Folk of Cloth in 1996 or 7....where I met Liz for the very first time!! A couple of years later, I moved to Columbus and joined the Guilded Lilies, where I met Cyndy....see, like everything, it is all Liz's fault!! : )

  2. Congratulations Cyndy on your blog. I love the games doll Liz created!

  3. I had the pleasure of sitting next to Liz in two classes at your cloth doll event last year. Not only is she extremely talented, but hilarious with a wicked sarcastic sense of humor that I thoroughly enjoyed. Meeting her was one of the highlights of the event for me.

    Laurie Scott

  4. Nice job!! I have been blogging for about a year and half and find that every week I have something to talk about... you start to view the world in a whole new way.
    Congrats on the Blog!

  5. CONGRATS! Great blog. Looking forward to seeing and reading more.
    Liz's dolls are Fantastic!

  6. Nice looking blog Cyndy and thanks for sharing Liz' dolls with us.

  7. I wish there was a Liz and some Lilies somewhere near me..... sadly I only know one other doll and bear maker.... we get together once a month.

    Your blog will be fun to follow .... there should be a lot of interesting "stuff".....

  8. lovely work ladies. Glad to find a cloth doll blog.

  9. The first time I attended a GL meeting there was a table full of dolls. All magnificent, but one doll in the group stopped me dead in my tracks - fabulous! It was Liz's doll and every piece of art, doll or not, that she creates just blows me away. Congratulations Liz, keep on inspiring us with your skills and imagination.

  10. Liz'a work is beautiful and quite charming! I love that carded skirt:) Your work is inspiring Liz~ a reminder to think outside the box a little more often:)

    Thanks for sharing Cyndy~

  11. Congratulations on the new blog. Great article on Liz Siebold

  12. Wow,your doing a fantastic job.I loved all of Liz's dolls.Thanks for sharing .Hugs,Mary