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Friday, August 20, 2010

Charity Dolls for Good Deed Doers

I just have to share with you the outstanding job The Guilded Lilies Doll Artist Guild did on their charity project this year. They pulled together and put their heart and soul into the project. The clubs one rule is that you must make a charity doll every year. This year I made the pattern so we did not have to worry about copy right issues. The pattern is very basic and simple to make. You can use scraps and mix match colors. In fact the more you mix match the more fun Scribbles and friends turn out. The group went to town! They donated fabrics, time and talent. We had 98 dolls finished by the deadline in July. All donated to Children's Service here in Columbus, Ohio. We think there is probably an additional 20 or so still out with members on vacation. When they come in those are going to the Children's Radiation Cancer center. I decided why just keep the pattern for ourselves so I posted a PDF file on my web site. I set up a special page for this pattern and would love to post the other groups that make the dolls for charity. Free Pattern

Here is a close up of some of the Charity dolls created by the members. We have a couple of artist that did most of the faces for us. As you can see they went crazy and had a blast drawing fun silly faces. Scribbles and Friends pattern is open to all ages and genders. We had the best time making them. In fact we have adopted Scribbles and friends as our official Charity doll for next year.


  1. I like this pattern better than our little bear we do. Thanks so much, Blessings, Janet