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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Leslie Molen - Art and Origin

There is a long history of Santos Cage Dolls In Portugal and Spain, Santo(s) cage dolls were used in Catholic religious processions —frequently dressed in elaborate gowns and crowns. The cage body was traditionally used as a shrine with items displayed inside them such as photographs and flowers to represent celebrations. For centuries, Santos figures have been a symbolic bridge between earth and heaven. Leslie has taken artist fascination with dolls and caged skirts. She found a fantastic woodworker to make the wooden skirts for her, and the rest is history. Leslie will be teaching this spectacular new class at Artistic Figures in Cloth. AFIC-for a closer view at Leslie classes. To discover how Leslie design elements and textile choices made this Santo Cage doll and how she is going to teach others to make this cherished art piece, read on and get an insight into a fabulous workshop.

Leslie states, “I have always found a fascination with dolls and caged skirts...the skirt may be an old bird cage...something from metal... or maybe- wood, or a found object. They may vary from a simple Santos- style, to a Flemish dress form, to an altered piece with kitschy embellishments. Looking over my fabrics, I decided to use the burn-out velvet for the torso and upper arms or sleeves for this doll. I loved the vintage feel of this fabric and the subtle depths of the color- blue. In designing this doll, I chose to "joint" the arms- as in the antique Santos. For the skin tones, I used this beautiful pima knit. One of my favorite parts of the making of the doll is painting and coloring the face. It always amazes me how a little color can create such a distinct personality!"
"Details.. that is what sets your doll apart. Many of you know that I am a big fan of Japanese design. In that design things are kept clean and simple, but that simplicity is the complexity of balance. It is actually something that I strive for within my work- ask any of my students, the doll may look simple but there are very detailed techniques and thought that goes into each piece to make it beautifully balanced, clean and simple in design.

Leslie goes into a lot more depth on her blog.

I keep very close eye on the classes and how they are filling. AFIC web site open on September 1, 2010. I knew Leslie's class The Cage Skirt Santos Doll would fill up quickly. I did not know one week later that I would have more people sign up for the class than I had spaces. As of 9/8/10 there are still openings in Leslie's Madonna.

Leslie is an artist member of the National Institute of American Doll Artists –NIADA. She is a renowned sculptor and with her guidance you to can discover the wonder of sculpting a face that is beautiful. Do you want to improve sculpting skills or learn how to sculpt with precision? Madonna is believed to have held goodness in her life. This doll was created to share love and kindness and I think you will find that so does Leslie. Leslie has so much to offer; she is determine that all her students are nurtured and walks away with excellent sculpting skills.

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