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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All Dolled Up - Hat and Heels Banquet & More

Joyce Compton, Chris Fondi, Emily Eckel, Nancy Forsythe AFIC - Poster Hat Girls
I wanted to share pictures from AFIC Hat and Heel opening night banquet. I also wanted to up date you on some of the events awaiting everyone attending. There are a lot of  things to do in 3 days and 4 nights. This Convention is packed with excitement.  You will leave with new friends and a renewed zest for your art work, or by-golly I haven’t done my job.

 All activities are designed to invite and encourage you to jump right in and join the fun. I believe that the very first time we meet sets the pace for the entire convention. So we begin with the Hat and Heels Banquet. Ready - Set - Go and we don't stop till the convention is done. The pace is set, and you are going to have the time of your life.

Hat and Heels Opening Banquet

Most everyone wears a hat, heels are optional thank goodness! At AFIC 2003 most everyone came wearing a hat that was suitable for any afternoon tea. With the exception of a few wild cards, the hats were very tame. The Hat Police issue tickets to non-wearing hatters and awarded prizes to the over the top hats . A few of the hats were not only hand made but interesting and total outlandish. To artist this is like planting little seeds, which by the way took root and grew. Half the students in 2005 made fabulous and/or outlandish head wear. Then hats began to take on a life of their own when 2007 rolled around. By 2009 full costuming was accompanying some of the hats. This coming year 2011 is a going to be crazy fun. I find myself thinking about my hat and what I am going to wear, all the time! It is funny how one idea can grow into a “Thing” but make no mistake about it the Hat and Heels night is a Run Way Show of Hats. Bring your camera you don’t want to forget a moment of this.

We always play a game at the opening banquet. This year I have something special planned I know you will love it. When the banquet is over the instructors have a smorgasbord of goodies for everyone to look at and purchase. This is a great opportunity to meet every teacher, purchase patterns and dolls.

2005 Project Runway Game- Hat and Heels Banquet

Ice Cream Social, Demos and Shopping!

 One of the events this year is the Ice Cream Social. This has been added to the Saturday evening events along with demo by teachers and vendors.I hope it proves to be fun.  I love for everyone to get a chance to be chatty, mix and get to know each other, in an informal setting. This will be a great way to eat, be entertained and shop all at the same time. “No Sugar Added” Ice Cream for our diabetic friends will also be available, so don't think for one minute we are going to leave you out of this. The Social will take place as workshops begin to let out at 4:00pm and go till 6:00pm. There will demos going on while you enjoy your treat and of course shopping will be in the area so there will be lots to see and do. This will be the perfect pick me up we need after class. Demos, shopping and ice cream what a great way to start the evening! It has always been my philosophy that one should all eat desert before dinner. This way you are never too full for the best part of the meal. 

Izzy Swap'm
As I said the Ice Cream Social is a great way to start out the late afternoon early evening on Saturday.  I am going to let you take a couple of hours and break for dinner but make sure you are back in time for Izzy Swap'm.  This is the one event that had everyone reeling with excitement in 2009.   Izzy is the mascot of AFIC but that is a whole other story. Izzy's Swap’m is a a fun evening where you giving away, trade or sell of your stuff. Not everyone brings stuff and that is okay because we want our stuff to go to a good home and that home just might be your home!  This was such a hit in we brought it back by popular demand. A NIGHT ABOUT STUFF..... Last year we ended up with 8 tables of give away stuff and not a thing left at the end of the convention. Students will be bringing in stuff; their extra stuff, stuff they have too much of or need to get rid of, giving away stuff is nice but you can sell your stuff too!  There will be sale tables, with great items, of wonderful things to for purchase. It was a Hoot!

Mary Lauer

These are only three of the big events going to take place during the convention.   I have not begun to talk about the Goodie bags, silent auctions, exhibits, challenge, daily sales tables, Up till Midnight Crazy Doll and Mystery Dinner Theater. All I can say! Get plenty of sleep before you come. I plan on starting on Thursday night and not stopping till Sunday.  Be ready to have the time of your life.
See you in April 2011 Cyndy Sieving

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