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Friday, November 29, 2013

Beyond the Stars

Beyond the Stars
Cyndy Sieving

Since April 2013 you may have thought I have been sleeping!  No not hardly. I took a brief absents from my blog, however the brief absents extended much longer than I had planned.  After the Artistic Figures in Cloth and Clay convention my thought was to keep up on Face book, my Blog, and to stay in touch with the world out side my home town.   Intentions were good but my heart wandered off to my garden in the spring, and a studio in the summer then into the fall.  The next thing I knew the holidays were here.

Mostly I feature other artist on this blog. but this time I am going to share with you my talents and what I am up to when I slither away into the abyss.

  I don't take my work far from home. I really do not have the time or ability to travel or to keep up with mass production in sculpting.  I work a full time job.  Then there is the convention So I keep my work close to home and rarely sell my work out side of the city.    I do one art show and one gallery  show a year in November and sell out with an exception of a few pieces. 

My Gallery Work is currently showing in a local Arts & Crafts Museum here in Grandview Ohio.  Beyond the Stars is a perfect example of me pushing the boundaries as to what is possible in fabric sculpting.  The art piece looks like a wood carving but in truth it is fabric, stuffing and wire armatures.  Beyond the Stars not only pushes the boundaries in fabric manipulation it challenges conventional thinking. 

Beyond the starts is 26 inches tall - Fabric sculpture

Here are some other Gallery Art works that I have completed in 201.  Alien King was completely built around a Deer Antler (Deer's shed there antlers every year)  the antler became the spine and tail of the Alien.  The coloring was to mimic the antler.


Working with fabric and taking it beyond what people expect just thrills me to know end.  I was able to complete several larger gallery art works.  These pieces take a long time so I worked on them over a stretch of time


 I guess you might say I have a very serious side when working on the art work like the Alien King, and Beyond the Stars.  Taking my skills beyond what I think is possible is a challenge for me.  The gratifications comes in seeing a complex piece of work completed. 

Monkey Business

Then something happens, Girls just want to have fun I guess because my funny bone gets turned on. I just can not wait to get started on some truly light hearted ideas I think up. I is time fro Monkey Business!

Knight Hawk
 Knight Hawk is complete with his own Night Light head gear, fight scarf and compass. 

In the evening, after work I would create smaller pieces.  I love play on works for example. Night Hawk became Knight Hawk and a funny Knight Hawk at that.  He has a lamp-hat complete with pull chain. 

I began writing this and I found myself saying my favorite is Crocodile Tears, I could hardly wait to finish Mice-Tro, One of my favorite was the Eggplant into adulthood.  I soon found out all of these were my favorites when I was working on them.  They gave me a great amount of joy working on them. . So I am going to allow you to view them without my input instead I will tell you the method to my madness.

Crocodile Tears
When I was young and didn't get my way I would pretend to cry.  My father would say....boohoo let me cry a bucket of Crocodile Tears.  I am sure you have heard the phrase at one time or another....this is my funny on that old saying.. The only non-fabric items are the crystal tear drop beads and bucket.


  Complete with Singing Mice and of course the rat in the hat.

I love sculpting, fabric and painting.  I love it so much I can't stop myself from creating One of a Kind pieces.  I don't want to own them personally, I enjoy the creative process.  I take pictures and send them on their way to new homes.  If I kept every piece I loved I would stop creating.  My home would be full and my heart would be empty.  So many years ago I realized in order to create I needed to learn how to release my work.  With that being said I evolved and created not only hundreds of One of a Kind art works, I developed a method of fabrication I have called Face and Body building.

Eggplant into adulthood

I am a master at pattern maker.  I can see about any image in my head and realize what the flat design need to be before it can become 3-dementional.  I am not sure if this is a gift or a learned art.  I have been able to do this from a young age, however my grandmother worked for a tailor and I was always in her sewing room.  My thought is I picked it up from watching her. Regardless learned or natural it became my base which I took a craft into art.

Loukatan (Loo- ka-tan)
I made this creature up.  It wanders through the night recovering Broken Dreams and lost wishes.  Repairs, replaces and restructures them.  Returns them to their owners sparking a new flame in the owners soul.

My method of work is by build my fabric sculptures with a combination of tailoring, fabric sculpture, fabric manipulation then building the existing form with more fabric shapes and sculpting. Gesso and painting, sanding and painting some more.  Depending on the piece I polish it off with details or distress it with more sanding.  In the end all my work is durable, non-breakable, water resistant.  It really does not matter if I am working on something foolish or serious.  I work with the same zest and desire.  I love fabric, I love creating and I love making something that makes people think

Next week I would like to share with you my Frankenstein Art.  All made from different parts and pieces of disregarded body parts!


  1. Wow Cyndy what fabulous artwork. Thank you for sharing. These are absolutely amazing.

  2. Thanks. All were sold last weekend. Out of 26 pieces I only had 5 left.

  3. You and your work are wonderful! Thanks for posting.

  4. I'm so lucky to have seen these all up close and very personal. Each of them is amazing & so unique. What a talent you have my friend manipulating fabric into fantastic pieces.

  5. Your work is terrific, thanks for sharing.