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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Enjoy Your Sewing

What a difference 65 years makes
Sewing is my passion.  I started sewing as a child by hand in the 60's and had my own sewing machine in the 70's thank goodness this was not anything for me to be concerned with.  I would never had made the first stitch
It says nothing about laundry.  Does the laundry have to be done too?  Oh My


  1. This article is so comical and to think this advice was from Singer! Yes, 65 years do make quite a difference. I wonder what Singer would say today. I love this, where did you locate the article? I would love to share this article on my blog (if that's okay with you)

  2. Share Share....That is how I got the article. A friend emailed it to me. I have read some funny things before but this one even made my husband laugh. As long as you give credit to Singer I see no harm in it.