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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Teacher Feature - Kristin Morris

Kristin Morris Clay and Ceramic Artist

Teaching Tea Cup Creatures at:

 April 25-28, 2019 - Columbus Ohio

Kristin grew up in Springfield, Ohio to a mother who is a potter and a geologist father.  She has always loved art, especially painting and sculpture, and has worked with clay as far back as she can remember.  

Kristin graduated from the College Of Wooster with a major in Studio Art, and later attended The Columbus College Of Art And Design where I focused on 3D Illustration.  I have had jobs sculpting props and "corpses" for haunted houses and working on animals for a water park.   She also holds a Master's degree of Social Work degree from The Ohio State University.

 “Art it is my first love!” 
She is currently is working full time as an artist.  Creating art is her passion and she loves to tell stories with her work! 

Kristin loves Halloween
My dolls are usually on the more  "playfully macabre"

Kristin's works are often made from old recycled spindles or bits of wood and found objects; which she enjoys altering with Apoxie Sculpt and paint.  As a member of the Guilded Lilies Art Doll Club her dolls are usually on the more  "playfully macabre" end of the spectrum! 

         Tim Burton and his many eerie films, as well as Halloween, Jim Henson's characters, and pop surrealism are major influences for her.  More often than not Kristin is inspired by edgy, thought provoking or "dark" art that is bordering on creepy.  You can see it in everything she does. 

Kristin finds herself drawn to pieces that have their roots in carnivals, folk art, or Day of the Dead. 

          In the past she has sculpted for haunted houses, worked for a costume shop, and been employed by a studio making animals for an amusement park ride.  In the past summers she has  taken ceramic workshops and have fallen in love with hand building in ceramic clay!  

"I love the feel of the clay in my hands.”

More recently she has been working in ceramics. Below you can see a few of her art works from a recent Art Galley Show 

“By The Sea” 

If you would like to see more from this show and other art works visit her web site.




Kristin is teaching a 1 day classes this spring

"Tea Time in Wonderland"

She is open to your own interpretation of the Tea Time characters
 Here are two of her versions of the Cheshire Cat 

 Artistic freedom in Kristin's workshops is welcome.

She is also teaching the March Hare and the Dormouse
Check out her workshops at 
Artistic Figures in Cloth & Clay

Kristin is excited her artistic journey!

check out her workshops:

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  1. This looks like a super fun class! Looking forward to meeting you in Columbus!