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Saturday, March 19, 2022

One thing leads to another!

Wild Eyed Willy 

The last new pattern I made is Wild Eyed Willy. I wanted to do something fun and totally different.  He was such fun to make.  It was released to Dollmakers Journey Pattern in February. It is available on there website 

You can purchase a as a paper pattern or PDF pattern right now. 

My goal is to complete a new pattern every other month. Life gets crazy sometimes and you just can't do what you want.  Instead I have been sketching out ideas for a Fall Halloween line when time allows. I wanted to be ready to hit my studio running.  Excited and creating a compete line of original characters for the Halloween season.  

I had originally made some little Bat Girls for a show called Merry Krampus and used the same idea for Wild Eyed Willy.  Although I love the Bat Girls and they did very well at the art show I was not totally pleased with them. I decided to revamp the design before making it into a pattern. 

 Keeping the bodies of the original Bat Girls the heads were removed. I love the change. Changing out the head and ears from skin tones to light grey, elevating the expression and adding the fuzzy top knot of hair made all the difference. I think you will agree she is almost the cutest bat you ever saw. 

I even gave her a new name


I also had the perfect back drop to for her photo shot. 

 It is funny how just a couple changes makes all the difference. 


Wide Bright Eyes, Highlighted Nose, Full mouth, Fangs, Fury Top Knot and most important the right Skin Tone.

Bat-Tina pattern will be available late summer at Dollmakers Journeys Online store and Etsy site.

After the pattern for Bat-Tina was written and tested I got excited and started sketching like crazy.  Making a whole line of new critters and characters for the Halloween season.  I hope to have them all released this late summer just in time for everyone make them for this fun season.  Write now I am working on my Cyclops family picnic. I will keep you updated with pictures and sketches as it comes along.


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    1. How sweet you are. I get so happy when I make something that I find people like.