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Friday, October 15, 2010

Susan Barmore - To Weird to Pass Up

Unice-Pattern on Susan's Web site
 There is no better time to introduce Susan Barmore than in the month of October.  Her art work and patterns are very diverse from Fairy's to the Christmas Bugs. However, Susan's keen sense of humor explodes when it comes to Halloween.

I’ve trying to interview Susan.  I wanted you to enjoy the free spirited nature she possesses. The interview itself should explain just how outside the box Susan operates. I ask Susan to help me with the write up I was doing on her.  To elaborate on a few facts.  She insists that her beginnings were obscure and mostly just manufactured.  She stated that she actually was found under a rock in a creek. No one really knows who and what she is. A family took her in. Lovingly raised her and taught her how to eat with a fork. As the interview continued I just gave up.  Acquiring any real facts was fruitless.  I couldn't think of any more questions. I do believe just might be an alien from another planet. With all my probing Susan never gave up information about her life here on earth. The only thing I have to go on is the story of my own which I am about to tell you.

Owen- Pattern on Susan's Site
 I am always on the look out for new talent. I look for teachers that have a fresh look on fiber art or techniques to enrich doll artistry. I like to offer students a variety of visual options pretty dolls, bold art figures, whimsical and yes just plain strange, and that is where Susan Barmore comes in. Her work is a bit on the weird and wonderful side. She fills the slot our students that like to step out of there box.  The students that like to teeter on the edge and create something just a little “off kilter”.   I found her on Dollmakers Journey “New Patterns” listing for the first time in 2007. Susan had her own take on the world, her dolls and patterns reflected her personality. I knew the moment I saw her work that I wanted her and that AFIC students would go bonkers over her work.

Susan has array of patterns on her site:

Taulbee 1 Day Workshop AFIC
Her web site is doted with patterns of the sweetest angels you ever saw to devil boys and devil girls. Susan’s carefree and good nature heart shines in her work. She was a bit of a pill though, and she did not come easily. When I first approached her to teach in the 2009 line up, Susan turned me down flat. At first I thought no way was I going to get her up here to the convention.  Then I thought no, I was not going to let this gem get away. I needed to  encourage her to come and teach. I could not believe a artist that had such a funny quirky personality could be so shy. I found out later she was not shy, I am not sure why she was so hesitant to teach outside her home town but,  I had to call her twice before I convinced her she had what it took. She would be a fabulous teacher, and so she was. 

Bone Bird - 1 Day Workshop AFIC

She taught at AFIC in 2009.  Many people didn’t know her but her work spoke for itself and her classes filled, she was an instant success. Susan almost sold every pattern and doll she brought to Artistic Figures in Cloth. Her artistry tools are muslin, paint and a sense of humor.  She has a care free way in teaching you to use a brush and paint.  She takes the fear out of painting that is for sure. It is simply amazing to see these muslin creations take shape. The piece is transformed with painting techniques.

Susan will have you in stitches. She does not take anything seriously except for lunch!  Thanks to her adoptive family she now can eat it with a fork!

Zombie Elephant
 As you can see by her work she has quite the sense of humor. She is a great storyteller too. I am delighted to have Susan back at AFIC.  She does not plan on doing any traveling and teaching until after her husband retires.  So I feel truly lucky she is willing to come up from Kentucky to join us again this year.

  Susan is offering three weird and wonderful classes this coming year. Bone Bird, Zombie Elephant and Taulbee, to see more about her classes click here AFIC Susan Barmore

 If you can figure out if she is alien or human let me know.

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