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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I could tell you about Fran Parrigan Meehan


Fran Parrigan Meehan can show you the way

I could tell you that Fran has been published in magazines, Cloth Dolls & Animals, Doll Crafter, Doll Crafter & Costuming, and Dolls. I could tell you she was asked to send a doll to the museum: Janina Monkute-Marks museum in Lithuania.

I could tell you Fran has an Art Doll in Patti Medaris Culea fifth book Creative Cloth Explorations. I could tell you that she has taken college courses in fashion and pattern design.

I could tell you you lots of impressive facts about Fran, but nothing is more impressive than an artist work. Fran designs, creates dolls and other artsy in various art mediums. Experimenting with all kinds of products and new techniques, Fran has mastered the art and teaching of doll making in cloth, mixed mediums, collage, paper collage, wire, odds & ends stuff, clay and all other artsy mediums. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to creating artistic figures.

 I could tell you Fran submitted a large volume of work to be considered at AFIC. It is much easier to show you. I had to pick only two pieces from all the classes she offered. I am only showing the close up pictures of the faces here. I am sure you will recognize the attraction to her classes. Outstanding facial work! Are you a beginning doll maker? Are you a Doll Artist improving your detailing skills? Her workshops are geared for you. Fran’s AFIC workshops concentrate on sculpting, applied costuming and face painting with a critical eye for fine skill detailing that will make each one of there art works come alive.
I could tell you how Fran loves to manipulating ribbons, paper, wire mesh, beads, dried flowers, stems, feathers and anything else I can find. She has developed a way to preserve and use rose pedals on dolls. Yes I said delicate, thin rose pedals! How cool is that? Her class Flutter Rose is a study of face sculpting, painting and preservation of nature utilizing rose pedals. These pedals are a permanent feature on the body of the figure.

Flutter Rose AFIC Workshop

See the classes that were chosen for AFIC Click here

I could tell you what Fran told me about her classes.
"My classes would be good for the beginner and others. Especially if they want to learn how to draw and color the face, sew the body, attach the head, arms and legs to the body, use decorative fabric for arms & legs, make shoes and clothing, etc etc. Delphine Rose is a fun doll to make. She can have any costume the student wants her doll to have.  Flutter Rose would be good for the beginner also. Using my real rose technique for the body is really interesting and fun. Haven't seen it done before. I'll also show how to use other colors on the rose petal to make them various other colors."

 I could tell you you that there are many sides to Fran’s art, but seeing is believing. One of her passions is sculpting from clay. She sculpts a face or figure from the waist up from polymer clay. She then sends them off to a master mold maker, Jeff Goshon. Although Fran has taken mold making classes, she feels that her time is better spent on creating. Learning and mastering well made molds is an art of its own. I was so impressed with the quality of her molds I ask Fran if she would demonstrate her molds during the Ice Cream Social Saturday night. To my surprise she has just finished two brand new molds, Victoria and Le Pincushion Lady. She will also have many different face molds too. I was delighted that she chose AFIC to debut her new little darlings. Molds are easy to use. You can use clay, paper clay, pulp paper, air dry clay, bread dough clay

I could tell you you Fran has taken sculpting classes with Earlene Maple Bromer, Lewis Goldstien, Helidagrad Guzel, Sherry Goshon, Maryann Oldenburg, Marilynn Huston, Diane Keeler and Helidagrad Guzel

I could tell you so many things about Fran. But I believe she best says it best her self.   Quoting a phrase she coined in 1996

“Dolls Are My Canvas Within My Soul”

Visit Fran at AFIC or see her anytime at her blog:


  1. Well, I could tell everyone, that FRAN is one of the most AMAZING, TALENTED, LOVABLE, BEAUTIFUL, people you'll ever meet. I cannot wait to see her again. Fran---we're going to have so much fun!!! ♥

  2. I have known Fran for many years and have taken many of her classes. She's very knowledgeable and has alot of patience. I have learned more techniques from her than any other dollmaker. I would highly recommend any class that she teaches.
    Maurine Adrezin

  3. These are great work and Fran sounds like a greta teacher:)