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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fine Cloth Dolls by Leta Benedict

Let me introduce you to Leta Benedict as a artist and a teacher

Leta Benedict - First Flight
 I often say you can tell how good a teacher is by what their students produce. Leta has a special way about her that allows beginners and advanced students to feel not only comfortable but they thrive in her workshops. She is able to instruct all levels as a group then attend to each one of her student individually.  As a student you get the maximum benefit  no madder what your skill level is. Here is an example of what I am talking about. Above is the workshop Leta taught at Artistic Figures In Cloth in 2003 “First Flight”. I was fortune enough to get pictures of two of her student’s creations.
Vicki Lamer's First Flight AFIC 2003 became
Don't Drink and Fly

Liz Seibold First Flight AFIC 2003
Vicki Lamer was a advanced-beginner doll maker (this is a beginner doll maker with good sewing skills) at the time she took the class. Liz Seibold in was a Advanced doll maker. They were both in the same class, they both got the same instruction and they both received individual attention.  Yet each of them could indulge themselves in their own vision while creating a fabulous art figure. Beginner or advance, Leta had what it took to guide them through the process.  Her students do not get frustrated, or feel left out.  Advance students do not get bored or feel like they are miles ahead of the class.  Neither student had ever used Leta’s particular technique before, how could they so easily master the techniques?  It is simply, Leta is a teacher and a darn good one.  She holds nothing back, sharing her knowledge and skill.  You can see it in her work. You can see it in her students work. 
Memories - Leta Benedict

Bastet - Leta Benedict

Leta loves to make figures with delicate features. Her costuming is detailed, she pays attention to color and how the fabric flows on the dolls body. This adds to the doll by giving it movement and character. Do you like china doll faces? Does the seam line bother you?  Leta makes the most pristine faces out of cloth. No seam line.  Yes these dolls are all made out of cloth. As you can see from these different close ups of her dolls there are no seam lines down the front of the face.

Vivian's Masquerade - Leta Benedict

Leta had taken several years off from art dolls, and art to take care of her family.  She is now ready to jump back into pattern making, and teaching.  I was so happy when she answered the call to apply to AFIC 2011. Many people have been waiting for her to teach again.

 Her one day class for Bastet is full but Vivian’s Masquerade 2 day class still has a few openings.The figure is free standing, and has a lot of wonderful elements to it.   Leta would be happy to have doll makers and artist of all levels. Full view of this class can be found at AFIC Click Here

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  1. Leta's dolls are Gorgeous! I've always admired her creations and cannot wait to see them and meet her in person. If I was not teaching at this conference, I would definitely be a student in at least one of her workshops. Wonderful! ~Nat