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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Susie McMahon - No Words Needed Just Pictures

I can't express the artistry that Susie McMahon possesses.  Her uniqueness of expression and skill in figurative art is amazing.  Susie is what most Art Doll  and figurative artist aspire to.  Not only is her work creative, new and inspirational.  She easily swings from a progressive figurative art to traditional art dolls and then without a blink of an eye she is making something playful you might even classify it as cute. You will never be able to pigeon hole Susie but you can take one look at her work and you know it was created by a master artist. You can visit Susie's web site click here

Susie McMahon is packing her bags and checking them twice. Once she boards that plane there is no way she can have someone send her a little something she has forgotten? Susie is from Australia and she is one of two Australian artists coming to Artistic Figures in Cloth to teach and share the joy of art doll making with us.  I was so green with envy about her teaching at AFIC knowing that I would not be able to take a class with her.  So I traveled down to Kentucky this past fall and took a class from her while she was on tour in the United States.  Susie has been in recent years been flying the skies about once a year and teaching in the US for 3-4 months at a time.  This year her trip is very short.  She is only teaching two places and then back to Australia to see a new grand baby to be born.  So it is not a wonder her mind, hand and heart has been working non stop on these Sweet Tweets!

I was not a surprise when her class filled with in a little over a month.  In addition to AFIC Susie will also be teaching at Magic, Mischief and Mayhem in there new location Sanford, Florida. Dates for this class are April 15, 16, and 17. Class will take place in Annie Hesse’s studio. Click here to visit Magic Mischief and Mayhem web site.   

Susie will have a few dolls to sell at AFIC so be sure to save your pennies.  They are so hard to resist.


  1. Aww.....Cyndy! I'm blushing here!
    See you SOON!

  2. a dolly for me! Can't wait to see ya.

  3. wat een leuke blog zeg. groetjes uit nederland.