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Friday, January 11, 2013

Lucy Landry

 Stay in Stitches with Lucy Landry

Lucy Landry can keep you in stitches......I mean she can teach you to stay in stitches. 

As a cloth doll maker I know that it is always about the stitches.  Once you master the basic doll making skills it is the little added items, techniques and yes stitches that turns a doll into an Art doll.

As a young girl, Louisiana artist Lucy Landry learned to sew and it became second nature to her. She grew up in an environment where generations of women cultivated her talent. 

Needlework and embroidery provided a pathway to her artistry.  Lucy’s professional training as an occupational therapist includes anatomy and kinesiology of the human body. Her professional training became an effective resource while creating her artwork.

Landry is meticulous not only to the form but also to the content, the history or back story, of each individual doll. According to Landry, “The body language of the doll creates the mood or story. The face and hands tell who she is and what she can accomplish. Ancient roots of the doll figure provide basic content in my work. Textural bits and pieces of fabrics, fibers, and beads are layered and shaped on the form to complete the story.”

She has created series and titles such as “The Ancient Ones,” “Wise Women,” and “Portrait Series”.   Lucy takes great pains to pay attention to details of the body and mind. She focuses on hand embroidery and stitching to reveal facial details and embellishments

Lucy Landry is a member of the Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana

Her ability to sew so completely without pretense  makes her classes at Artistic figures in cloth very desirable start with a simple “pancake style” pattern and turn it into a shapely, well rounded doll, such as the body type shown here.   In this class, we will learn the different ways volume and shape can be added to particular areas in doll patterns.  The following dolls illustrate some of the methods of adding curves and volume that will be covered in the class.

This workshop Creating Volume/Pattern Design from two dimension to three dimension pattern and Embroidered Faces from Ancient Sources are offered at Artistic Figures in Cloth & Clay. 

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  1. Great body!!! Do you have any online classes??
    Hugss, Caroline

  2. This class is not offered on line. I have never seen Lucy give on line classes.

  3. She needs to be encouraged to do an online class!!! lol

  4. Wow I love these dolls and glad I found your blog!