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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Second time a Charm!

The Bledsoe Sisters
Pansy, Grace and Sue

Teacher Feature 

Lillian Alberti


The Bledsoe Sisters

I like to invite back a teachers from the previous convention. Every convention we have a few teachers from conventions past, mixed with instructors that have not had the chance to teach at AFICC and introduce new up and coming teachers giving new ideas and techniques to an old art form.  Artistic Figures in Cloth and Clay welcomes back two teachers this year one of which is Lillian Alberti. It should be no wonder why we would want her back.  Not only is she a great artist, there seems to be no limit to her imagination and creative use of it.  

Lillian comes to us from a fashion design back ground.  She worked her dream job for a famous clothing design labels and as an illustrator.  After starting a family she desired a less hectic life style and devoted much of her time in raising her girls.  Now the little ones do not need her 24 – 7 she wanted to get back to art….but not back to the hectic corporate America. She chose wisely!  With her extensive fabric design back ground, drawing and painting she added a new element to her work and that was clays.  Paper clay at first and then began to mix and match up combinations of everything together.  

 I met up with Lillian in 2010.  She had taken her new found love and was trying to find a home for it.  Lillian wanted to be an instructor in the worst way.  She tackled the Art doll world with enthusiasm.   Her work was different, and I always have my eye out for different.. She had her own style and there was a complexity about her work.  Lillian had something new to say in her sculptures,  by using familiar faces and fairy tales expressing flamboyant features.  I am always looking to help introduce new talent into the art doll world and Lillian certainly had the talent and ability I love to see in an artist.

If you have not seen or heard of Lillian Alberti, then you have not been reading or checking out the hub-bub lately.  She has been a national sensation. I have seen profiles on her in, magazines, doll clubs, newsletters and blogs.She has a  listing of press releases on her web site you just must check out  Lillian has been popping up everywhere since she dove into the Art doll world head first.  She has lots of pictures and adventures on her own blog  

 Working in paper clay and coupling it using her sewing skills in cloth she fuses the two skills in her figures. The final work speaks volumes about her unlimited talent. Each sculpture depicts characters with defining features that make them endearing, fanciful and fun.

In Lillian's own words from her web site she states: 

Over the last few years I have seen my Art Dolls evolve quite dramatically. The array of new paper clays available to the contemporary doll maker has inspired me to push my imagination even further. In the past I focused on coarsely-textured facial surfaces and larger heads. My pieces now, while no less exaggerated in detail, have smoother surfaces, delicate hands and enormous feet. Throwing caution to the wind, I now favor richer, textured fabrics and layer sumptuous patterns with reckless abandon; the result is elegant opulence. The excitement in discovering a new medium, the thrill in creating, and the joy in sharing has made my doll making journey more fulfilling than ever!

One of her classes at AFICC is "The Heiress"  She is a women of means!  This art piece is to hang on 
the wall.  If you would like to see how you can take a workshop from Lillian Alberti at Artistic Figures in Cloth and Clay go directly to her Profile page.  Click here

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