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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Collection of Designers 2013

Asking for your Help!  I would like to share one of my projects and hope you can help get the word out to Art doll Artist.  Past this blog site on to the designers you think would love to be a part of this assemblage.  The time for this book to be completed is closing fast and I would love for everyone to have a chance to be apart of this fun project.  This booklet will never be sold and never be assembled again!

One page pattern by:
Susan Barmore
Collection of Designers 2013

Artistic Figures In Cloth Presents:  A Collection of Designers 2013.
I am really excited about this collection.  Here is what we did in 2011 and it was a hit!  My hope is you or you know of someone that wants to be part of the 2013 collection. In 2011 I was able to collect 30 designers.  I bound all the artist one page patterns into one Booklet. Everyone  received one in the Gift bags. 
The deadline March 15, 2013 
and here is how it works.
This booklet consists of single page patterns or tutorials. Single page can mean both sides of the one page.  On each pattern the designers are able to advertise their own web site, blog or shop. This is incredibly inexpensive way of advertising, plus as a designer you can get your on-line information in the hands of the people who really want to get to know you. The perk to the AFICC attendees is an exclusive insight to designers and their webs sites. Pincushions, or ornaments, book marks, doll pins and small dolls are some suggestions.   

How many copies and who gets the booklets?
I am binding 180 booklets.  Every register student and staff of AFICC gets a copy.  Plus the first 30 doll artist  that drive in to the convention to see the exhibit hall get a copy of the book.  Yes I said the first 30 people that just come to the convention to just enjoy the day with us.

One page Pincushion by
Cyndy Sieving
Collection of Designers 2013
Is there a Cost?
Option 1 - $4.00 -Do it yourself total control
  1. Send all 180 pattern/advertisement copies by mailing them to my home address on regular 8 ½ x 11 plus $4.00 to help cover book binding cost. This can be one side or both sides of the paper. This does give you the option to print in color.
Option 2 - $22.00 or $40.00 - Have me make your copies for you.  It cost me 10 cents per copy plus the $4.00
Send one page pattern or two pages (front and back) to me. I will make the copies for you.  Payment for one sided Pattern $22.00 is only 12 cents per person * Payment for double sided $40.00 is only 22 cents per person. 
  1. You can mail a physical copy to Cyndy Sieving, P.O. Box 44244, Columbus, OH 43204  or email in tiff or jpg format
  2. Make payment by mailing Check or PayPal 
Contact me and let me know you are working on the one page pattern and when to expect it.  We will be happy to add you to the Collection.

One Page doll by
Leslie Molen
Collection of Designers 2013
Some of the Designers already submitted
Kathryn Walmsley
Leslie Molen -  http:/ 
Christine Shively-Benjamin - http:/
Edwina Sutherland - http:/ 
Barbara Schoenoff and more on the way ...


  1. Since you've postponed the due date, I'm going to try to get something done for collection. TIME is my big issue (or lack thereof). But I've got an idea floating around in my head...

  2. Floating Ideas are always great. I did one for the booklet and then I said Hey! I did that bookmark one year for over 25 friends and it was soooooo simple and soooooo I did another pattern for the book, and that was just floating around in my head..... Thank Deanne this book is a prized gift everyone enjoys. - Cyndy

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