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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Art from the Heart: Trish Randal

Trish Randal puts the meaning in the saying
Art from the Heart!

      This is the Season we all take pause to reflect on how grateful we are for what we have.  Some years are good years, some are great and some we could do without, but know matter what type of year we have had there is always something or someone to be grateful for.  I am always grateful for my family, friends and my fury friends.

      While in my own world remembering who and what I was grateful for, I was in the process of choosing the next AFICC teacher to write about. 

     I like to reveal things in the blog that you may not know about the artist.  A surprise you might say! We all like to learn something new and it keeps things interesting. 

     Who should jump out at me?  Trish Randal!  It didn't take me but a minute to think of her for the holiday.

     You might be saying, "Oh she does ornaments and it is the holiday season that's why Cyndy choose her."  No not exactly but it does help in timing of this holiday season Teacher Feature.   So let me tell you a little about Trish before I reveal why I choose her for December blog report.

     Trish is a fantastic teacher but she is also a very giving artist.  I met her at an art show we both had a booth, her ornaments were selling like hot cakes.

Trish has a large fan club here in Ohio and people have been collecting her work for years.

     Her art work is just not for the Holiday season.  Most of her figures represent images of family and friends as a tribute to their love and kindness.  It is her intention as an artist to create pieces to celebrate the stories of our lives.  That can be at graduation, weddings, loving memories and yes Christmas too!

Holt International Adoption
   I was surfing her web site when I cam across her page of special items. A portion of proceeds from sales of her figures on this page go to charitable organizations which have touched her life click here to go directly to her site.

      These collectibles are truly Gifts from the Heart.  She has made special pieces for each of the charities Breast Cancer, Joubert Foundation, American Heart, and Holt International Adoption.

Boy's - Joubert Foundation Collectible
There is a Girls version too.
 I have admired artist that do special benefits, or use there art to help raise awareness, however Trish's page is up all the year around. She changes out the collectables with a new version from time to time to allow people to add to their private collection and help at the same time. Her Breast Cancer Awareness is now 10th in the series. 

This is 1of the 4 classes 
Trish is teaching at
Artistic Figures in
Cloth & Clay 
Trish has the step by step class designed so anyone can succeed!

this class and her
other classes

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