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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Natalie Hamade Just has a Flair

Natalie Hamade
Is mixing it up!
Multi Media workshop

Frolic - AFICC workshop
     I would like to open this post with the class Natalie is teaching at the convention.

     Frolic paper clay, cloth and painting techniques. Sounds simple enough right?  This 3 day workshop is designed for intermediate and advanced students and will not disappoint.  The cloth is a basic do a little simple sewing at home.  Come to class and be ready to dive right in.  You will be up to your elbows in cloth, paper clay, paint, design and experimentation.  This is a wonder adventure in a mixed media progressive figurative art.  
     It all starts 9am on April 24th. Natalie is a fireball and full of information which she has no problem sharing.  She will be teaching in a variety of paints, pencils and blending techniques, fabric and paper clay. Add costuming to the mix and you are enfolded in her world of color and design.
Rag doll by Natalie Hamade
     Now that I have introduced the class let me show you some of her other design work.  I had originally ask her to do this adorable rag doll as a 1 day class.....As you can see she can take the most basic of figurative forms and ad a twist of flair.  She embraces color into all her designs. She had no problem saying,  Let me give you something that will knock your socks off. She was right Frolic was a winner.....but I still love this!
Drawer pull by Natalie Hamade
    She has an Etsy site:  selling paintings, on canvas and paintings on rocks, paintings on pillows and paintings on draw pulls....if it is paintable Natalie applies her talent and color making     it come alive.  
Natalie loves mixed media, adding dimension to her paintings is one way to bring an interesting added touch to the art.

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