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Friday, March 20, 2015

Fly Away with Debbie Jackson


A Polymer Clay
Debbie Jackson

Debbie Jackson has broken rules and pushed the boundaries when it comes to artistic innovation and polymer clay.  Her techniques are extraordinarily unique. The delicate hand lends itself to nature natural blend when it comes to color. 

You can see how the exquisite colors in these brooches and pendants seem bright, full of cheer and yes nature’s natural brilliance. 

We are so very fortunate to have Debbie teaching classes at AFICC.  She really brings clay to life.  Many figurative artist work in polymer but they have not dived into the world of colored clays.  I ask you to throw caution to the wind and jump, because Debbie has so much to offer you will think in living color and how you can use these techniques to create footwear, bags, clothing, fantasy creatures and much more. 

3 Years in the making.
The clay looks like fabric!

 For those that are eager to shop at the instructors tables student or visitor you will be delighted to  know she is going to be selling these beautiful Shibori Textile art dolls that can be made to hang on the wall or mounted in a shadow box.  They are 10 inches tall and absolutely gorgeous.  It has taken 3 years of study and experimenting to develop this particular technique.  Artistic Figures in Cloth and Clay Artist Market place will be one of the first places they will be sold. 


These are African dolls.  All the faces are the exact type of laser face transfer techniques used in the Fly Girl class that is being taught at Artistic Figures in Cloth and Clay. 

Take a chance! Take the plunge! Expand your artistic techniques as an Artist – learn from an original! Master of color and clay Debbie Jackson is the Name!

Debbie Jackson workshop Opportunities are open to you now Click here to see this class and more!

Art class "Fly Girls"
AFICC one of two classes.

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