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Friday, February 6, 2015

Girl's Can Can

Mike Sieving
Teach Girls
It’s my pleasure to introduce a few of the instructors from the April 23 – 26, 2015 Artistic Figures in Cloth & Clay convention.  The event is held every other year.  The 23rd of April is kicked off of the 3 day event.  This extravaganza is designed for art doll artist and enthusiast. The workshops are chosen with much care.  Each instructor has their own style and appeal.  One thing I am very particular about is to make sure there is something for everyone.  Each class is unique with plenty of techniques for students to add to their bag of tricks.


 This next class is no exception. It is not clay and it is not cloth.  It is something that we all need to learn the basics of.  How build, use tools and how to use a rotary tools. This one tool can drill, sand, slice and dice.  It can carve and burrow.  Mike is going to have his students build this stage.  After the project your world opens up to building platforms, alters, stages and arena to show case your art projects

 One day class at AFICC read all about it Click Here


Girls Can Can is all made from wood.  This workshop has a double meaning.   Las Vegas girls are doing the Can Can!  The true meaning is Girls Can Can use tools you only need to be shown how.  This is why we have invited Mike Sieving to AFICC to teach a one day class for those that want to become comfortable with simple rotary tools.  If you are like me you have to find something that fits your need in which can be adapted to a platform.  That is until I just bit the bullet and learned how to use my Dremel tools.  Mike is all about putting you at easy.  He grew up using tools.  By the time you finish cutting, sanding and shaping your project you will say Gee Whiz what was so intimidating about that.   

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