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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Teacher Feature - Cody Goodin

Photography & The Magic
With: Cody Goodin

Artistic Figures in Cloth & Clay
Columbus, Ohio  * April 20-23, 2017

    Is your artwork photo ready for publications?
Do you think that you need a complex studio and lighting to take high quality photos?
     Cody Goodin is ready to teach you all the Magic! Learn to take great photograph using your own digital cameras and smart phones.
Techniques you need. Get your art work in print.

What is the best lighting when taking a picture to feature the art work?
Having outstanding pictures is the key to publication.

How to add curiosity to a photo
A great photo shoot can get you into galleries

Add Drama to a picture. Turn your art work into Photograph Artwork.

How to set up a photo shot with minimum expense.

Learn more about Cody and his Classes

Lighting is everything and so easy to do if you know how.

And as a special feature:
If time permits in class learn how creatively alter your work by digital manipulation:

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