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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Teacher Feature: Debra Klopp

Here are some of the
Cloth art classes offered this year at
Artistic Figures in Cloth & Clay
April 20-23, 2017
Columbus, Ohio 43204

Debra Klopp is back with her awesome talent and  wacky humor.  Enjoy spending a day with Debra. Allow her to be your guide. You become the creator. Debra will steer you through her process and help you create your own characters.

See full 3 pages of this 1 day class at

Start with drawings of  your art move on fabric. Learn basic painting and then shading while making your own design!  It isn't magic it is just a matter of stepping outside the box and seeing what you can do when you let yourself go!


Debra does not teach often, so don't miss your chance to take a class from this ALL Star Artist


1 day class at Artistic Figures in Cloth & Clay

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