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Monday, January 17, 2011

Hands on Sculpting with Linda Misa

Clay sculpture - Linda Misa
Don't  miss the opportunity of a life time, to take classes this spring with Linda Misa.  Linda is a master sculptor from Australia, making her first appearance in Columbus, Ohio at Artistic Figures in Cloth.  I can not tell you how happy I am to have her with us.  She works in clay, paper clay, ceramic, fabric, felts, sews and does a lot of altered work.   This is her very first time, teaching here in the United States.  I urge everyone to take a good look at all the different elements she will be teaching in her workshops, they are packet with techniques. I love to talk about artist.  I thought it would be an nice change of pace if  Linda to wrote a few words of her own.  Instead I am going to let you read what she wrote and dot this feature with some of her sculptures she has done over the years.

This will be my first teaching trip to the US and I am so looking forward to meeting up and getting to know so many of the people that have been on my "to meet" list. I really hope to share my passion for making art out of what we have collected up around us. Using up the old and seemingly useless and making it into something precious and original.

For me, "making" is the corner stone of what I love to do. Letting my brain work out ways of how I can make into reality the images and thoughts that I want to share. Dolls are my story board, my dialogue of the pathways I am walking, the environment I am living in and the hopes that I hold. Being able to share skills with other like minded people is what keeps me sane!

Sculpted and recycled objects
I want my children to grow up with the knowledge that they are capable of doing/making things for themselves...I need to show that I practice what I preach and what enjoyment that gives me. We are all travelling in times that need us to think about our footprint we leave and though I am no world changer I can make a difference to my own world. I love to see them with tools in their hands, "fixing" something and solving a problem for themselves.

 It is with each doll I make, a new connection to someone else out there, it humbles and encourages me to know that in some small way I have helped make someone else life a little better. Come join me in this journey.


To see the techniques taught in the Paper Clay Altered fabric Class click on

Linda Misa- Starting point creating a doll from her collage
 I know I said I would not go on and on..... How I love to talk about artist.  Oh but that would not do!  I have to add a bit about Linda's collage work.  Artist like to mix things up, dipping our fingers in other types of art work.  I think this is what makes great artist better than great.  Every time you learn something new you add a new dimension to your dolls.   Linda is adding some new and special elements to this class Imagine, with templates for faces just in case you have those face jitters.  Collage on a flat surface today and collage on an three-dimensional service tomorrow is what I say.  Take the class beyond where you found it.  Linda is just the person to help you do that.
Fly with Linda - let your inter self grow wings

If you love these things - Dolls, Collage, Paper Arts, Recycling, Painting, Face Painting Stamping and love creating something new and different.  Check out this class it has so many great elements to it a girl can not help but having fun!

Click here to check out the Collage class

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Good Class Never Grows Old - Patti LaValley

I was thinking of this blog spot and reviewing Patti's web site when there she was, no not Patti,  Mavis - there was Mavis!  Mavis is one of the many art dolls for sale in Patti's on site "Doll Shop".  I fell in love with this creation as soon as I saw it.  What I can't believe is that it is still for sale!  I remember when I first saw it and thought why has she never applied to AFIC to teach ethnic face painting.  I had forgotten that this doll was what possessed me to pick up the phone and beg Patti to teach the class. What I can not believe is that was six months ago and the doll has not sold yet.  Mavis has such personalty however, she does have a lot of competition.  Half the dolls that were up on her site for sale are now gone.   Patti is an accomplished doll maker and she makes dolls of all types and offers them for sale on in her Doll Shop, not to mention an array of patterns. But Mavis is still my all time favorite Click here to see 2 full pages of Patti's Doll Shop 

Back to my begging....When I called her, Patti that is not Mavis, her first comment was, "Oh Cyndy this is an old class, I have not taught that in a long time.  I just do not think people would want to take it."  I knew that was wrong because I wanted to take the class.  It takes a different mind set and skills to paint faces on dark fabric. I wonder how many people have really taken classes on painting facial features on dark fabric?  I am sure many but many more would like to learn this technique.

Treasure - Ethnic Face Painting

   From what I understand painting on dark fabic is working with a negative, everything is in reverse.  Just because you know something doesn't mean you can do it. At least it does not apply to me.  I don't know about you but,  I have enough trouble keeping my mind work in forward motion, let alone throw it in reverse without any guidance.  I was thinking that just maybe I was not alone and other doll artist would like to get the chance to explore and expand their face painting skills in a new direction.  It was then I began to beg Patti to teach ethnic face painting class at AFIC.  Well perhaps not exactly beg but strongly encourage her to revive this class and make an old class new again. I am so glad we both took the chance and offered up the class.  The class is filling up nicely and is already half full.   I should think it will be full by the end of the winter.  Click here to see what this class has to offer. There are two other samples of the doll.  Remember with Patti you get the whole package.  The face painting, the cloths and  the doll and the dolls doll!  Her cute little partner gets a face painting too!

  Ethnic face painting is not the only class Patti is offering.  The play on words "The Fishwife" offered up a strange little seine.  Patti has a great love for animals; I suppose it was not that big of a leap for her to transform the groom into a handsome fish.  The Fishwife workshop has so many different techniques it makes it super attractive class.  I would love to explain the whole class for you but with all this class has to offer you would be better going straight to the AFIC web site to read everything.  Click here to see more about The Fishwife.  However I will include a few picture and a brief explanation of the the class. One of the great things about Patti's class sewing machines are optional.  If you do not need help with your sewing homework then you can leave your machine at home.  But if you are still in need of a little help and would feel better with Patti's help with some aspects, bring your machine.  Better yet bring a friend and take the class together and share a machine.  It is all good! 

Can you believe this class! It is packed full of doll making techniques, face sculpting, face painting, finger turning, stuffing, paper clay over cloth, painting.  What really is interesting is the strange little fish. 

Patti will walk you through the process of making this fish using paper clay over cloth. I just love the animation and brilliant colors used!

Patti is traveling all the way from Oregon.  She is so glad to be back.  Patti taught at Artistic Figure in Cloth 2005, and we are delighted to have her back. Anyone that frequents the on line doll journals, online classes or buys patterns knows of Patti, she is always chimming in on and offering help and sharing her dolling experiances.   It is a great opportunity to meet,  this extraordinary artist.