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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Teacher Feature - Cody Goodin

Photography & The Magic
With: Cody Goodin

Artistic Figures in Cloth & Clay
Columbus, Ohio  * April 20-23, 2017

    Is your artwork photo ready for publications?
Do you think that you need a complex studio and lighting to take high quality photos?
     Cody Goodin is ready to teach you all the Magic! Learn to take great photograph using your own digital cameras and smart phones.
Techniques you need. Get your art work in print.

What is the best lighting when taking a picture to feature the art work?
Having outstanding pictures is the key to publication.

How to add curiosity to a photo
A great photo shoot can get you into galleries

Add Drama to a picture. Turn your art work into Photograph Artwork.

How to set up a photo shot with minimum expense.

Learn more about Cody and his Classes

Lighting is everything and so easy to do if you know how.

And as a special feature:
If time permits in class learn how creatively alter your work by digital manipulation:

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Teacher Feature - Natalie Hamade

Natalie Hamade
Making the Past New Again!

Due to Natalie's  great response on her
1 day class on Friday April 21, 2017
We have made a booking change!

SweeT Pea

It is now being offered on 
Saturday April 22, 2017 also.

Artistic Figures In Cloth & Clay
Columbus, Ohio
April 20-23, 2017

Natalie Hamade, has taken the premise of the old rag doll and made it a all new delight.  Her use of color, artwork and added features such as custom glass eyes turned this one day class into such a hit we are offering it an additional day!

Learn More about Natalie and what this class has to offer at

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Teacher Feature - Kristin Morris

Learn to Sculpt with:

Professional Award Winning Artist
Kristin Morris

Artistic Figures in Cloth & Clay ( AFICC )
Columbus, Ohio
April 20-23, 2017

2 day class - Nut Cracker Makeover

Kristin Morris has been featured in many Gallery setting in Ohio.
She is a professional Artist and creates all her own designs. 

I have taken classes from Kristin several times.
She is a wonderful teacher and a great source of knowledge and inspiration
2 Day Class

The class gives you a base to work with (The Nut Cracker) so you can take the time to learn the more important basics, like form, texturing, painting, adding detailing.

That is just a little too intence for you?  Then jump in and enjoy the day with her on Sunday

Peter Rabbit
Learn to use Apoxie - Sculpting, Texturing, Painting on a smaller scale.

Learn more about this fabulous artist and her class

Teacher Feature: Debra Klopp

Here are some of the
Cloth art classes offered this year at
Artistic Figures in Cloth & Clay
April 20-23, 2017
Columbus, Ohio 43204

Debra Klopp is back with her awesome talent and  wacky humor.  Enjoy spending a day with Debra. Allow her to be your guide. You become the creator. Debra will steer you through her process and help you create your own characters.

See full 3 pages of this 1 day class at

Start with drawings of  your art move on fabric. Learn basic painting and then shading while making your own design!  It isn't magic it is just a matter of stepping outside the box and seeing what you can do when you let yourself go!


Debra does not teach often, so don't miss your chance to take a class from this ALL Star Artist


1 day class at Artistic Figures in Cloth & Clay

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Artistic Figures In Cloth & Clay

What a line up:

Mixed Media and Techniques

Cody Goodin - Photograph - learn to photograph your art work for publication!

Mike Sieving - Rotary tools and power tools

Sherry Goshon - Fabric, Paper, mask, and other elements.

Debra Cloth - Fabric and Creative Design from A-Z

Marla Niederer - Intermediate - Advanced Cloth Doll Making

Natalie Hamade - Reinvented Rag dolls

Paula McGee - Cloth detail face, hands and embellishments

Stephanie Novatski - Reuse, Recycle and Rediscover fabric.

Kathryn Walmsley - Full body Sculpt in Paper Clay

Kristine Morris - Apoxie Sculpt - with texture, creative figures

Roxanne Maria - Polymer Clay - 3 little pigs with attitude

Natalie Hamade - Paper clay & Cloth

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jean Bernard & Sherry Goshon

Better yet what are the
They are a curious civilization that withstood the destruction of the dinosaurs and live quietly today.  Unseen by humans they hold a special “key” protecting the earth form outside forces. 
They are creations of Jean Bernard and Sherry Goshon.  They promise to reveal more in the first published book of the Nardz.
"We are very excited to find out that the Nardz will be debuting at the Artistic Figures in Cloth and Clay convention", said Jean.  

The Nardz were born!

Nardz, Keepers of the key all began last year. 

Jean was doodling with some clay and a face appeared.  After bantering back and forth with Sherry they decided to combine both of their personalities and create a fantasy world of beings and critters.  The Nardz were born.

Jean Bernard and Sherry Goshon are both teaching at AFICC 2015
You can read more about them on AFICC Web Site.  If you are not signed up for the convention it is not too late! 

If you are not signed up as a student please visit us as a guest:
Visitors are welcome to see the Nardz Exhibit display along with other vendors, Artist dolls for sale  and exhibits.
Vendors Art Supplies for Sale
Treasures of the Gypsy's
Dollmaker's Journey
Gahanna Bead Studio
The Black Sheep
Elizabeth Vernon Antiques
Artist Art Dolls for Sale
Christine Shively-Benjamin
Cyndy Sieving
Dawn Schiller
Debbie Jackson
Debra Klopp
Dot Lewallen
Jean Bernard
Jody Miller
Kathryn Walmsley
Natalie Hamade
Roxanna Maria
Sherry Goshon
Trish Randal
Just for Fun
Picture This - challenge
AFICC 10 year History of Dolls 2003 -2013

Friday, March 20, 2015

Fly Away with Debbie Jackson


A Polymer Clay
Debbie Jackson

Debbie Jackson has broken rules and pushed the boundaries when it comes to artistic innovation and polymer clay.  Her techniques are extraordinarily unique. The delicate hand lends itself to nature natural blend when it comes to color. 

You can see how the exquisite colors in these brooches and pendants seem bright, full of cheer and yes nature’s natural brilliance. 

We are so very fortunate to have Debbie teaching classes at AFICC.  She really brings clay to life.  Many figurative artist work in polymer but they have not dived into the world of colored clays.  I ask you to throw caution to the wind and jump, because Debbie has so much to offer you will think in living color and how you can use these techniques to create footwear, bags, clothing, fantasy creatures and much more. 

3 Years in the making.
The clay looks like fabric!

 For those that are eager to shop at the instructors tables student or visitor you will be delighted to  know she is going to be selling these beautiful Shibori Textile art dolls that can be made to hang on the wall or mounted in a shadow box.  They are 10 inches tall and absolutely gorgeous.  It has taken 3 years of study and experimenting to develop this particular technique.  Artistic Figures in Cloth and Clay Artist Market place will be one of the first places they will be sold. 


These are African dolls.  All the faces are the exact type of laser face transfer techniques used in the Fly Girl class that is being taught at Artistic Figures in Cloth and Clay. 

Take a chance! Take the plunge! Expand your artistic techniques as an Artist – learn from an original! Master of color and clay Debbie Jackson is the Name!

Debbie Jackson workshop Opportunities are open to you now Click here to see this class and more!

Art class "Fly Girls"
AFICC one of two classes.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Girl's Can Can

Mike Sieving
Teach Girls
It’s my pleasure to introduce a few of the instructors from the April 23 – 26, 2015 Artistic Figures in Cloth & Clay convention.  The event is held every other year.  The 23rd of April is kicked off of the 3 day event.  This extravaganza is designed for art doll artist and enthusiast. The workshops are chosen with much care.  Each instructor has their own style and appeal.  One thing I am very particular about is to make sure there is something for everyone.  Each class is unique with plenty of techniques for students to add to their bag of tricks.


 This next class is no exception. It is not clay and it is not cloth.  It is something that we all need to learn the basics of.  How build, use tools and how to use a rotary tools. This one tool can drill, sand, slice and dice.  It can carve and burrow.  Mike is going to have his students build this stage.  After the project your world opens up to building platforms, alters, stages and arena to show case your art projects

 One day class at AFICC read all about it Click Here


Girls Can Can is all made from wood.  This workshop has a double meaning.   Las Vegas girls are doing the Can Can!  The true meaning is Girls Can Can use tools you only need to be shown how.  This is why we have invited Mike Sieving to AFICC to teach a one day class for those that want to become comfortable with simple rotary tools.  If you are like me you have to find something that fits your need in which can be adapted to a platform.  That is until I just bit the bullet and learned how to use my Dremel tools.  Mike is all about putting you at easy.  He grew up using tools.  By the time you finish cutting, sanding and shaping your project you will say Gee Whiz what was so intimidating about that.   

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Natalie Hamade Just has a Flair

Natalie Hamade
Is mixing it up!
Multi Media workshop

Frolic - AFICC workshop
     I would like to open this post with the class Natalie is teaching at the convention.

     Frolic paper clay, cloth and painting techniques. Sounds simple enough right?  This 3 day workshop is designed for intermediate and advanced students and will not disappoint.  The cloth is a basic do a little simple sewing at home.  Come to class and be ready to dive right in.  You will be up to your elbows in cloth, paper clay, paint, design and experimentation.  This is a wonder adventure in a mixed media progressive figurative art.  
     It all starts 9am on April 24th. Natalie is a fireball and full of information which she has no problem sharing.  She will be teaching in a variety of paints, pencils and blending techniques, fabric and paper clay. Add costuming to the mix and you are enfolded in her world of color and design.
Rag doll by Natalie Hamade
     Now that I have introduced the class let me show you some of her other design work.  I had originally ask her to do this adorable rag doll as a 1 day class.....As you can see she can take the most basic of figurative forms and ad a twist of flair.  She embraces color into all her designs. She had no problem saying,  Let me give you something that will knock your socks off. She was right Frolic was a winner.....but I still love this!
Drawer pull by Natalie Hamade
    She has an Etsy site:  selling paintings, on canvas and paintings on rocks, paintings on pillows and paintings on draw pulls....if it is paintable Natalie applies her talent and color making     it come alive.  
Natalie loves mixed media, adding dimension to her paintings is one way to bring an interesting added touch to the art.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Art from the Heart: Trish Randal

Trish Randal puts the meaning in the saying
Art from the Heart!

      This is the Season we all take pause to reflect on how grateful we are for what we have.  Some years are good years, some are great and some we could do without, but know matter what type of year we have had there is always something or someone to be grateful for.  I am always grateful for my family, friends and my fury friends.

      While in my own world remembering who and what I was grateful for, I was in the process of choosing the next AFICC teacher to write about. 

     I like to reveal things in the blog that you may not know about the artist.  A surprise you might say! We all like to learn something new and it keeps things interesting. 

     Who should jump out at me?  Trish Randal!  It didn't take me but a minute to think of her for the holiday.

     You might be saying, "Oh she does ornaments and it is the holiday season that's why Cyndy choose her."  No not exactly but it does help in timing of this holiday season Teacher Feature.   So let me tell you a little about Trish before I reveal why I choose her for December blog report.

     Trish is a fantastic teacher but she is also a very giving artist.  I met her at an art show we both had a booth, her ornaments were selling like hot cakes.

Trish has a large fan club here in Ohio and people have been collecting her work for years.

     Her art work is just not for the Holiday season.  Most of her figures represent images of family and friends as a tribute to their love and kindness.  It is her intention as an artist to create pieces to celebrate the stories of our lives.  That can be at graduation, weddings, loving memories and yes Christmas too!

Holt International Adoption
   I was surfing her web site when I cam across her page of special items. A portion of proceeds from sales of her figures on this page go to charitable organizations which have touched her life click here to go directly to her site.

      These collectibles are truly Gifts from the Heart.  She has made special pieces for each of the charities Breast Cancer, Joubert Foundation, American Heart, and Holt International Adoption.

Boy's - Joubert Foundation Collectible
There is a Girls version too.
 I have admired artist that do special benefits, or use there art to help raise awareness, however Trish's page is up all the year around. She changes out the collectables with a new version from time to time to allow people to add to their private collection and help at the same time. Her Breast Cancer Awareness is now 10th in the series. 

This is 1of the 4 classes 
Trish is teaching at
Artistic Figures in
Cloth & Clay 
Trish has the step by step class designed so anyone can succeed!

this class and her
other classes