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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Christine Lenz

Looking for Funky Fun Folk Art 
WeeMee Whimsies - Artist- Christine Lenz

Felling Sluggish 
   I first ran into Christine Lenz on her Etsy site (click here)    I was in search for months to find a teacher that had one foot in the primitive doll art world with a voice of their own.
 I wanted primitive with a twist, someone with talent and a new edge.  After weeks of searching I almost gave up.  So you can imagine my glee when I found her during one of my Google searches. Typing in primitive, Folk Art, whimsical and a bunch of pictures popped up with the word “images”. 
With a click I started to review the pictures. Then  I sat straight up in my chair!  Could this be what I was looking for?  Was it primitive?  I think not.  Was it Folk art?  Yes, and more, it was funky, fun folk art, I was in love with it.  

Ballet Recital
Christine had a style and look all her own.  I hoped to see more dolls.   I went to her Etsy sight and immediately admired her work.  Not only did she make dolls but she sold collages, paintings, ornaments and of course dolls.   But would she teach, could she teach?  The rest is history! 

 It was nice to see work so light hearted and fun.  As I read on I realized that Christine did a lot of searching for used materials.  Although she is not asking her students to go to thrift stores to by their cotton sheets she certainly is not apposed to them using re purposed materials as she does. 

Collage - Sing

She declares her art work as folk art dolls.  I call them amazingly addictive. Every time I go to her site she has some little play on words, like “Feeling Sluggish” painting,  a comical art doll, a delightful ornament or collage doll.  The name “WeeMee Whimsies fits her like a glove. 

Wheeled Bird

Christine sells her wonder prints 8” x 10” on her site for as little as $11.99.  When you see them you will feel the fun and love she puts into her work.  Her petite characters are charming. I hope she brings them to Artistic Figures in Cloth & Clay so we can see all her work up close.  I just know everyone that is unable to see her work on line should get the opportunity of experiencing her sense of style and humor in person.

Wise & Wacky Owl

Take note that she only uses the rich Golden Fluid Acrylic paints.  Christine believes that the colors are richer and more vibrant than the stock block liquid acrylic paints.  She is indeed correct,  acrylics tones are much more intense.  She is teaching with these exact types of acrylics at AFICC. (See her classes click here)  This will give her students an opportunity to step-up their painting and face painting skills a notch.  Improving your supplies and ability to work with them is just as important as improving your skill level.  Christine hopes to share both her talent and passion of painting with all her students.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Michel Lynch

Michele Lynch A Diamond in the Rough
Artistic Figures In Cloth has a new look this coming year.  We have always celebrated the blending of clays into workshops at the convention but this time we are saying it loud and clear. 
Feature: Michele Lynch

I search and search for new talent.  It's important to keep our classes on the cutting edge, stay up with the newest techniques and styles. I just glow when I can introduce a new teacher at AFICC.  This time I think I  have found several gems. The first one I want to introduce you to on the blog is Michele Lynch.  You might even call Michele Lynch a diamond in the rough!  In her own words, her art work has risen from rough frustrating days at her job. Michele’s Goth/Steampunk sculptures started after taking a full time job with what she so fondly now likes to call “The Soul Sucker Corporation”.  I think a lot of us have been there and can totally relate to the feeling of having the very life sucked out of you day after day.  Well Michele need to relieve some of that stress. She needed a place to put her negative energy. So she started creating.   This was the beginning of her transformation, from depleted into artist.  She no longer works for that corporation,  thank goodness.  Lucky for us she still makes her wonderful art dolls and was now free to come to AFICC and share her interesting techniques and artist style. 

This and the picture above will can be
seen at Swoon Gallery 9/14/12

I am for ever looking for artist with an edge of their own.  As I was browsing through the winter issue of Art Doll Quarterly.  There these sweet goth steampunky dolls were.  There was a profile on her with lots of pictures of her dolls.  I knew immediately I had to find her.  It didn't take long and we began emailing back and forth.  finally I called her.  I instantly took  a shine to her bubbly personality.  You would have never known that she had been stressed out in her entire life.   I was very  thrilled when she submitted her proposal. 
She most recently has had a doll in Summerset Studios September 2012 issue.  Coming up this September 14, 2012. she is just at an online gallery showing,  You can visit this show at Swoon Gallery.    Don’t miss it!  These pictures are only a few of the many pieces of art work that she has in the show.

Learn more about Michele Click here

"My Little Darling" 1 Day workshop

Michele’s work is currently being shown at POP Gallery in New Mexico, and the Auguste Clown Gallery in Australia.  We are so happy to be able to bring the Art Doll world her unique prospective and talents.  I am sure she will have lots to teach and dolls to sell at AFICC 2013.
I am only putting up one of the many samples she sent me of her 1 Day class "My Little Darling"   You simply must go to her workshop pages and see all the fun techniques and quirky little dolls ready to inspire her students as she is teaching.   Different samples of art dolls and lots of great ideas to incorporate into your very own Little Darling.  If Michele Lynch is your cup of tea then you do not want to miss this opportunity.

Click here for Michele's workshops at AFICC