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Saturday, October 13, 2018

5 Featured Teachers 10 Workshops

Learn more about these Five artist and the 10 classes they are offering at AFICC convention.  Each artist has their own style.  With 10 cloth classes offered in both dolls twist and fabrics there is a lot to learn.  To see more pictures and additional information on each of the following classes, go to click on "WELCOME" 

 Christine Shively-Benjamin

     If you you take a class from Christine you will be able to draw faces for evermore.  She takes you through the art doll making process step by step.

Christine is not without whimsy!  
Her class; 
 Pull up a Fish and Sit Down is a playful chair.  Created from fabric, felt and different types of easy to obtain items from your local craft store. 

Adorable dolls by: Suellen Odell
From Left to Right Darling Dot, Sweet Bunny and Kitty Kat
Here is one example of the faces you will be learning to draw. To see more pictures of the faces and costuming each figure is taught as a one day.

Check each class out!


Dying it is a interesting and fun process.  It can be done on fabric for pennies Using what nature has to offer. 

Elf Queen or Fairy

If you enjoy that class you might want to consider her other one day class: Elf Queen or Fairy.

 It is all about taking existing fabrics you have dyed or purchased and altering the fabrics with different techniques.  Use those very fabrics to cover a pre-cut poster board paper doll.

The icing on the cake is the face.  Choose to do a face transfer of you or someone you love OR use one of Stephanie's Clay faces.

Barbara Schoenoff
Workshops in Fine Fabric Sculpting & Face Drawing

Take your time and look these work shops over. the faces are finely sculpted and techniques are used in attaching the limbs along with instruction on how to adorn the body in applied costuming.  These classes are for all levels.  Barbara's classes with close ups pictures and details can be found
at the web site. 

Marla Niederer

Three day workshop for intermediate to advanced students.  If you thought you have learned everything  about Fabric Figurative Art Sculpting then this is class is for you.  Fabric Art Sculpting with many extras.

 to see all these classes and more!

If you have questions contact me any time
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